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pinXact participates in Op Zuid program

pinXact is participating in the Op Zuid funding program to develop and demonstrate how indoor positioning and tracking can improve the world of logistics and robotics. together with our project […]

pinXact at “Engineering in Agrifood @ TU Delft”

On 26th of June 2019 the ‘Engineering in Agrifood @ TU Delft’ matchmaking event took place in TU Delft. In this event, 35 companies and 20 research groups were present. […]

pinXact at ITNEXT Summit – 14 Nov. 2018 Amsterdam

Looking for a custom-build solution in the field of indoor/outdoor positioning systems? Visit the booth of pinXact at ITNEXT Summit on 14 November 2018 in Amsterdam and find out how […]

pinXact B.V. at HTC café – 26 April 2018

Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS) are booming due to the simple fact that GPS positioning does not work inside a building. An IPS makes it technically possible to accurately determine the […]

Supermarkets and Megastores

For retail businesses, the quality of service is of utmost importance. Supermarkets and Megastores as well as shopping malls and large stores are interested to create the most convenient environment […]

Hospitals and Care centers

Hospitals and care centers are always looking for ways to enhance their quality of service and improve operation efficiency while keeping the costs low to maintain a sustainable system. There […]

Supply Chain – Warehousing

In supply chain management, tracking the location of the goods is essential to optimize the performance and to improve the efficiency of the process. The supply chain operation can be […]