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Hospitals and Care centers

Hospitals and care centers are always looking for ways to enhance their quality of service and improve operation efficiency while keeping the costs low to maintain a sustainable system. There are several areas that Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS) can help hospitals and care centers achieve their goals. Indoor Positioning System facilitates tracking people and objects in real-time. In addition, it can be used to provide navigation. It can track all the expensive and critical assets – some of which are shared between departments – in real-time. The same system can track the patients and key personnel as well. Here is a short list of the advantages of the real-time IPS – also known as real-time Location System (RTLS) – that can drastically help improving the efficiency of hospital and care center operations:

  • You ensure patients safety
  • In case of emergency, automatically the closest emergency response team members are summoned, increasing the operation efficiency and reducing the response time
  • You are confident that all the critical assets are in your finger tip, avoiding expensive (and critical) search.
  • The check-in and check-out of the personnel and patients are automated, increasing operation speed and efficiency
  • You efficiently plan the equipment maintenance and optimize their usage
  • You reduce the cost of periodically asset cycle count by connecting the real-time location information to the inventory management system
  • You can offer hospital navigation through an app to your patients, visitors and personnel