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Supply Chain – Warehousing

In supply chain management, tracking the location of the goods is essential to optimize the performance and to improve the efficiency of the process. The supply chain operation can be divided in two sections, indoor operation and outdoor operation. For outdoor tracking, for example tracking the trucks, one can use GPS. However, when it comes to indoor operations, GPS is not an option. The state-of-the-art Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS) enables the users to track and trace the objects and people in indoor environment and in real-time. One indoor operation area in a supply chain is the warehouse. Optimizing the speed, cost, and accuracy of the warehouse operation is a complex task. Here is a short list of the advantages of the real-time IPS – also known as real-time Location System (RTLS) – that can drastically help improving the efficiency of warehouse operations:

  • You easily optimize storage facilities, have flexible storage planning and prevent void spaces
  • You are confident that nothing is lost, avoiding expensive search
  • The check-in and check-out of the goods are automated, increasing operation speed and efficiency
  • You reduce the cost of periodically cycle count by connecting the real-time location information to the inventory management system
  • You can offer warehouse navigation through an app to your personnel and plan efficient retrieval of goods