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Supermarkets and Megastores

For retail businesses, the quality of service is of utmost importance. Supermarkets and Megastores as well as shopping malls and large stores are interested to create the most convenient environment for shoppers to move around and offer new services while strategically place the products in the path of the visitors to increase their sales. In order to achieve this goal, they need to know about the movement behavior of the shoppers in their premises as well as the effectiveness of their store arrangement. This information can be collected using Indoor Positioning System (IPS). Here is a short list of how Indoor Positioning System can facilitate new services and increase sales in retail:

  • You have the behavior and movement pattern of the shoppers (anonymously) in real-time
  • You have a heat-map of the shoppers’ during the period of your selection
  • You have the possibility to analyze the data to optimize the store layout to improve your service and increase the sales
  • You can use an app for targeted advertisement of your products (with the shopper’s consent)
  • You can offer store navigation through an app to your customers